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Carrier Bryant ICP Heil Tempstar Fan Blade LA01RA225 1172713 2 x 24" Condenser

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MOT05 856-E1

Product Description

This is a BRAND NEW ICP/Heil/Tempstar/Comfort Maker/Arcoaire/Sears/Kenmore/Snyder General Condenser Motor Fan Blade. The ICP part # is 1172713 and the Carrier/Bryant # is LA01RA225. It is a 24" 2 blade, 1/2" bore condenser fan blade. The pitch on the blades is 18 degrees. If the set screw is facing down (as they typically are when installed) rotation would be clockwise.

Partial List of ICP/Heil/Tempstar/Comfort Maker/Arcoaire/Sears/Kenmore/Snyder General Units that use this Item:

N2A336AHA200 N2A336AHA300 N2A336AHB100 N2A336AHB200 N2A336AHB300 N2A336AKA200 N2A336AKA300 N2A336AKB100 N2A336AKB200 N2A336AKB300 N2A336ALA200 N2A336ALA300 N2A336ALB100 N2A336ALB200 N2A336ALB300 N2A336ASA100 N2A336ASA200 N2A336ASB100 N2A336ASB200 N2A336ASB300 N2A336CHA100 N2A336CHA200 N2A336CHA300 N2A336CKA100 N2A336CKA200 N2A336CKA300 N2A336GHA200 N2A336GHA300 N2A336GHB100 N2A336GHB200 N2A336GHB300 N2A336GKA200 N2A336GKA300 N2A336GKB100 N2A336GKB200 N2A336GKB300 N2A336GLA200 N2A336GLA300 N2A336GLB100 N2A336GLB200 N2A336GLB300 N2A336GSA100 N2A336GSA200 N2A336GSB100 N2A336GSB200 N2A336GSB300 N2H330CKA100 N2H330CKA200 N2H330CKA300 N4A330CKA100 N4A336CKA100 N4A342AKA100 N4A342AKA200 N4A342AKA300 N4A342AKB100 N4A342GHA300 N4A342GKA100 N4A342GKA200 N4A342GKA300 N4A342GKB100 N4A342GLA300 N4A430AKA100 N4A430GKA100 N4H330AKE100 N4H330GHE100 N4H330GKE100 N4H336AKE100 N4H336GHE100 N4H336GKE100 N4H336GLE100 R2A336AKC100 R2A336GKC100 R2A336GKR100 R2AM36AHA100 R2AM36AHA200 R2AM36AKA100 R2AM36AKA200 R2H336AKC100 R2H336GHR100 R2H336GHR200 R2H336GKC100 R2H336GKR100 R2H336GKR200 R2HM36AHA100 R2HM36AKA100 R4A342AKA100 R4A342AKB100 R4A342GKA100 R4A342GKB100 WCA3362GKA1 WCA3362GKR1 WCA3424GKA1 WCA3424GKB1 WCH3362GKA1 WCH3362GKR1 WCH3362GKR2

SKU: MOT05 856-E1
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