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Lennox Armstrong Ducane Furnace Ignite Control Board 17G31 17G3101 34G66 34G6601

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CBX62 293-E2

Product Description

This is a BRAND NEW Lennox/Armstrong/Ducane Furnace Control Circuit Board. This is an aftermarket replacement for Lennox/Armstrong/Ducane part #s: 17G31, 17G3101, 34G66, & 34G6601. Board comes with a mounting kit, new flame sensor, and some wiring. Thanks for looking and good luck!

Partial List of Lennox Units that use this Board: G2305/4-125-4 G23Q5/4-125-4 G2305/41254 G23Q5/41254 G230541254 G23Q541254 G23Q4/5-100-2 G23Q45-100-2 G23Q451002 G23Q3-100-2 G1603-75-5 G23Q5/6-125-2 G23Q3-4-100-1 G20Q3E-75-2 GVK075B14-1A GVK075B141A GRORQ34E1001 G20Q3E-75-2 GR0RQ34E1001 GRORQ3/4E1001 GR0RQ3/4E1001 G20RQ34E1001 G20RQ34E1001 G20RQ3/4E1001 G20RQ3/4E1001 GRORQ34E-100-1 GR0RQ34E-100-1 GRORQ3/4E-100-1 GR0RQ3/4E-100-1 G20RQ34E-100-1 G20RQ34E-100-1 G20RQ3/4E-100-1 G20RQ3/4E-100-1 GZ6Q3751 G26Q3/4-100-1 G26Q314-100-1 G1603/4-100-3 G26Q3751 G16Q4X-75-5 G12Q4E-110-10 G1603-4-100-3 G26Q4/5-125-1 G16Q34-100-3 G2003/4e-100-3 G2003/4E-1003 G20034E1003 G16Q4X-75-5 G20O3/4E-100-3 G20O34E1003 G20Q3/4E-100-3 G20Q34E1003 G16Q5-100-3 G12Q3E-82-12 G26Q3-75 G26Q3-75-1 G20Q3/4E-100-3 G26Q3X4-10-02 G20Q3-4E-125-4 G23Q314-125-4 G23Q3/4-125-4 G16Q5X-100-5 G23Q-50-2 G1203E-82-12 G20Q3E-75-4 G16RQ4 100 9 G16RQ41009 G23Q5-6-125 G26Q3-75-2 G26Q3-75-1 G20Q G20Q3/4E-100 G16Q3H-75-C3 G16Q3-4-100-1 G1603-4-11-1 G23Q5/6-125-2 G26Q350-1 G23G2/3-75-1 G26Q3-75-1 and all G16Q3H Models. All G20, G20R, G23 and all G26 Models.

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