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Anti-short Cycle Timer Delay on Break Relay Universal!

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CBX62 203B-E1

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Anti-short Cycle Timer Delay on Break Relay Universal!

This is a BRAND NEW Universal Anti-Short Cycle Time Delay Relay. It is a Delay on Break relay which means that whenever the power is shut down the relay will time out before the relay will close again. The relay has a knob that will allow you to adjust the delay time from 6 seconds all the way up to 8 minutes. It is VERY easy to install and it works for ANYTHING! You simply wire it in series with your circuit. It willaccept 24 120 or 240 volt Control Circuits. For an air conditioner you simply hook it in series with a thermostat wire in the condenser and your unit is protected! Thanks for looking and good luck!


The control board is the "brain" of your unit, coordinating and executing the operation of other various components by sending voltage when and where needed. A control board is constantly monitoring sensors and safety switches in the unit.

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SKU: CBX62 203B-E1
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