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Emerson Lennox Ducane Armstrong 1/2 HP 120v Furnace BLOWER MOTOR K55HXKPY-9740

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MOT08 001-E1

Product Description

This is a BRAND NEW Emerson Lennox/Armstrong/Ducane Condenser 4-Speed BLOWER MOTOR. The part # is 28M88 (also 28M8801, R47465-001, & 47465-001) & Emerson #K55HXKPY-9740. It's 1/2 HP, 120v, 1100 RPM. The motor is 5 5/8" in diameter (Frame 48Y). The shaft extends 3" out of the motor. If the shaft is facing up (as seen in the picture), rotation is Clock-Wise. The motor has 4 speed wires, 2 capacitor wires, a common wire and a green grounding wire. Thanks for looking and good luck!

Partial List of Lennox/Armstrong/Ducane Units that use this Item:

G1N80AU075D16B-1 G1N80AU075D16B-2 G1N80AU075D16BL-2 CG80UA075D16B-1 CG80UA075D16B-2 CG80UA075D16BL-2 WFAU075B16-1A WFLU075B16-1A G1N80AR075D16BL-1 G1N80AR075D16B-2 G1N80AR075D16BL-2 G1N80AR075D16B-1 CG80RA075D16B-1 CG80RA075D16BL-1 CG80RA075D16B-2 CG80RA075D16BL-2 G1N80AT075D16B-1 G1N80AT075D16BL-1 G1N80AT075D16B-2 G1N80AT075D16BL-2 CG80TA075D16B-1 CG80TA075D16B-2 CG80TA075D16BL-2 WFAT075B16-1A WFLT075B16-1A LUF80C84/95D16-1 RLUF80C84/95D16-1 OUFA95D4-1 OUFA95D4 PLUF80C84/95D16-1 LUF80C84/95D16 RLUF80C84/95D16-2 PLUF80C84/95D16-2 LBF80C84/95D16-1 LBR80C84/95D16-1 RLBF80C84/95D16-1 RLBR80C84/95D16-1 OLFA95D4-1 OLRA125D5-1 OLFA95D4 OLRA95D4 LBF80C84/95D16 LBR80C84/95D16 RLBF80C84/95D16-2 RLBR80C84/95D16-2 LHF80C84/95D12-1 RLHF80C84/95D12-1 RLHF80C112/125D20-1 LHF80B84/95D12R LHR80C57/72D12-1 LHR80C84/95D12-1 RLHR80C84/95D12-1 RLHF80B84/95D12R-4 ODHA95D3-1 OHHA95D3-1 ODHA95D3 OHHA95D3 LHF80C84/95D12 RLHF80C84/95D12-2 LHR80C84/95D12 RLHR80C84/95D12-2 OUFA95D4 OUFA95D4 OUFA95D4 LUF80B84/95D16-4 LUF80C84/95D16-2 LUF80C84/95D16-3 L83UF1D84/95E16-1 OUFB95-D4-1 LBF80B84/95D16-4 LBF80C84/95D16-2 LBF80C84/95D16-3 L83BF1D84/95E16-1 OLFB95-D4-1 LHF80C84/95D12-2 LHF80C84/95D12-3 L83HF1D84/95E12-1 ODFB95-D3-1 LBR80B84/95D16-4 LBR80C84/95D16-2 LBR80C84/95D16-3 L83BR1D84/95E16-1 OLRB95-D4-1 RLUF80B84/95D16-4 LHF80B84/95D12R-4 LHF80B84/95D12R-5 LHR80C84/95D12-2 LHR80C84/95D12-3 L83HR1D84/95E12-1 ODRB95-D3-1 CG80TA075D16BL-1 G1N80AU075D16BL-1 CG80UA075D16BL-1 DOUA84/95F4-A DOUA112/125F5-A DOHA84/95R3-A WFLT075B16-1B WFAT075B16-1B WFLT075B16-2 WFAT075B16-2 WFLU075B16-1B WFAU075B16-1B WFLU075B16-2 WFAU075B16-2 G1N80BU075D16B-1 G1N80BU075D16BL-1 G1N80BU075D16B-2 G1N80BU075D16BL-2 G1N80BU075D16B-3 G1N80BU075D16BL-3 G1N80BT075D16B-1 G1N80BT075D16BL-1 G1N80BT075D16B-2 G1N80BT075D16BL-2 G1N80BT075D16B-3 G1N80BT075D16BL-3 G1N80BR075D16B-1 G1N80BR075D16BL-1 G1N80BR075D16B-2 G1N80BR075D16BL-2 G1N80BR075D16B-3 G1N80BR075D16BL-3 CG80UB075D16B-1 CG80UB075D16BL-1 CG80UB075D16B-2 CG80UB075D16BL-2 CG80TB075D16B-1 CG80TB075D16BL-1 CG80TB075D16B-2 CG80TB075D16BL-2 CG80RB075D16B-1 CG80RB075D16BL-1 CG80RB075D16B-2 CG80RB075D16BL-2

SKU: MOT08 001-E1
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