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ICP Heil Tempstar Carrier Defrost Sensor L80-50 1173697 HH18HA277 HH18HA277A

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SEN05 555-E1

Product Description

This is a BRAND NEW ICP/Heil/Tempstar/Comfort Maker/Carrier/Bryant/Payne Heat Pump Defrost Sensor. The ICP Part # is 1173697 and the Carrier/Bryant/Payne # is HH18HA277A (found on the side of the sensor). Rated at L80-50. When a defrost sensor goes bad, the heat pump will often turn to a solid block of ice (although this is not the only ice causing failure). Thanks for looking and good luck!

Partial List of ICP/Heil/Tempstar/Comfort Maker Furnaces that use this Sensor:

PDX324040K00A1 PDX324040K01A1 PDX324040KG0A1 PDX324040KG1A1 PDX324040KT0A1 PDX324040KT1A1 PDX324040KU0A1 PDX324040KU1A1 PDX330060K00A1 PDX330060K01A1 PDX330060KG0A1 PDX330060KG1A1 PDX330060KT0A1 PDX330060KT1A1 PDX330060KU0A1 PDX330060KU1A1 PDX336080K00A1 PDX336080K01A1 PDX336080KG0A1 PDX336080KG1A1 PDX336080KT0A1 PDX336080KT1A1 PDX336080KU0A1 PDX336080KU1A1 PDX342080K00A1 PDX342080K01A1 PDX342080KG0A1 PDX342080KG1A1 PDX342080KT0A1 PDX342080KT1A1 PDX342080KU0A1 PDX342080KU1A1 PDX348120K00A1 PDX348120K01A1 PDX348120KG0A1 PDX348120KG1A1 PDX348120KT0A1 PDX348120KT1A1 PDX348120KU0A1 PDX348120KU1A1 PDX360120K00A1 PDX360120K01A1 PDX360120KG0A1 PDX360120KG1A1 PDX360120KT0A1 PDX360120KT1A1 PDX360120KU0A1 PDX360120KU1A1 PHM324K00A1 PHM324KT0A1 PHM330K00A1 PHM330KT0A1 PHM336K00A1 PHM336KT0A1 PHM342K00A1 PHM342KT0A1 PHM348K00A1 PHM348KT0A1 PHM354K00A1 PHM354KT0A1 PHX324000K00A1 PHX324000KG0A1 PHX324000KT0A1 PHX324000KU0A1 PHX330000K00A1 PHX330000KG0A1 PHX330000KT0A1 PHX330000KU0A1 PHX336000K00A1 PHX336000KG0A1 PHX336000KT0A1 PHX336000KU0A1 PHX336000L00A1 PHX342000K00A1 PHX342000KG0A1 PHX342000KT0A1 PHX342000KU0A1 PHX342000L00A1 PHX348000K00A1 PHX348000KG0A1 PHX348000KT0A1 PHX348000KU0A1 PHX348000L00A1 PHX360000K00A1 PHX360000KG0A1 PHX360000KT0A1 PHX360000KU0A1 PHX360000L00A1

SKU: SEN05 555-E1
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