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OEM Trane American Standard Start Capacitor Relay 50A RLY2227 RLY02227

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RLY06 004-E2

Product Description

This is a BRAND NEW OEM Trane/American Standard Start Capacitor Relay. TheTrane Part # is RLY03372.  Thank you for looking!

Please contact with any questions you have, or any other parts you may need!

OEM Replacement for Old Trane/American Standard Part #s: RLY2227 RLY02227

Partial List of Trane/American Standard units that use this Item:

4WHC3024A1000AA 4WHC3030A1000AA 4WHC3036A1000AA 6H4030B100A0 6H4036B100A0 6H4042B100A0 6H4048B100A0 6H4060B100A0 6R4036A100A0 6R4048A100A0 6R4060A100A0 7A2060B100A0 7A4030B100A0 7A4036B100A0 7A4042B100A0 7A4048B100A0 7A4060B100A0 7R3036A100A0 7R3048A100A0 7R3060A100A0 BAYKSKT252A BAYKSKT254AA BAYKSKT255A BAYKSKT255B CWR048B100A0 RTY036A100A0 RTY048A100A0 RTY060A100A0 RWY036A100A0 RWY036A100A1 RWY048A100A0 RWY048A100A1 RWY060A100A0 RWY060A100A1 TCH048F100AA TCH060F100AA TCH060F100AB TCP060F100AA TCP060F100AB TCX060G100AA TCX060G100AB TCY060G100AC TTX030D100A0 TTX036D100A0 TTX042D100A0 TTX048D100A0 TTX060D100A0 TTY030B100A0 TTY036B100A0 TTY042B100A0 TTY048B100A0 TTY060B100A0 TWN060D100A0 TWR048D100A0 TWR048D100A1 TWX030D100A0 TWX030D100A1 TWX036D100A0 TWX042D100A0 TWX048D100A0 TWY030B100A0 TWY030B100A1 TWY036B100A0 TWY036B100A1 TWY042B100A0 TWY042B100A1 TWY048B100A0 TWY048B100A1 TWY060B100A0 WCH060F100AB WCY060G100AA WCY060G100AB WCY060G100AC WCY060G100AD YCP060F1M0AA YCP060F1M0AB YCP060F1M0AC YCX060G1M0AA YCX060G1M0AB YCX060G1M0AC YCY060G1M0AD

SKU: RLY06 004-E2
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