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Trane American Standard Furnace Ignitor IGN34 IGN00034

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IGN04 002-E9

Product Description

This is a BRAND NEW Trane/American Standard/Rheem/Ruud/Weather King Gas Furnace Ignitor. Replaces all the old part #s below! Simply unplug yours, and plug this one in! Thank you for looking!

Replaces Old Part #s: IGN34, IGN00034, IGN54, IGN00054, X24080149010, 271N 1034, 62-21024-01, 62-22868-02, 62-22868-82, 62-22868-93

Partial List of Trane/American Standard Furances that use this Ignitor:

TUD080R936H3 AUD080R936A2 TUD100R948H4 TUD100C936A1 TUD100C936A2 TUD100C936A3 TUD080C948H3 TUDO80C948H3 TUD100C936A1 TUD100C936A2 TUD100C936A3 TUE040A924K2 TUC100C948B6 TUD100R960A1 TDE060A936C1 TUD080R9BCH6 TUD080R948H3 TUJ080A936A0 TUJ080A936A1 TDE080A945K1 TDE080A945KI TUC060C936B0 TUCO60C936B0 CUB080A948C4 TDE060A936MO TDE060A936M0 ADD080C936C3 AUX120C960B1 TUX060C936B4 TDD080C936A2 CDB080A945D1 TUD080C936B0 TUDO80C936B0 TUD080C936H4 TUE080A936K2 TUE080A948K2 TUE100A948K2 TUE080A936H1 TUC0 Series TUE100A948BO TUE100A948B0 TXC030C4HPB1 RGRA-07EMAES WGRA-07EMAES UGRA-07EMAES RGRA07EMAES WGRA07EMAES UGRA07EMAES RGPH-12EARJR UGPH-12EARJR WGPH-12EARJR RGPH12EARJR UGPH12EARJR WGPH12EARJR TDD080R936B0 TDD080R936BO AUD080C936H3 GZUA75D3 AUC080C942A1 TUJO60A936A1 TUJ060A936A1 TDD040C924BO TDD040C924B0 TUE080A948BO TUE080A948B0 TUEO80A948BO TUE060A936K2 TUEO60A936K2 TUD060R936A1 TUD060R936A1 TUD060R936A2 TUD060R936A3 TUDO60R936A1 TUDO60R936A2 TUDO60R936A3 TUD100C936A1 TUD100C936A2 TUD100C936A3 TUD060R936A2 TUC060C936B2

SKU: IGN04 002-E9
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