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Trane Condenser FAN MOTOR 1/6 HP X70370246010 MOT10478

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MOT06 312-E2

Product Description

This is a BRAND NEW GE Genteq Air Conditioning Fan Motor. It's 1/6 HP, 200-230 volts, 825 RPM. The GE/Genteq part number is 5KCP39KGV566S.The Trane Part # is MOT10478 (Also X70370246010). If the shaft is facing up, the motor spins Clock-Wise. It takes a 5 uf Capacitor rated at 370 volts and the motor has 3 wires coming out of it.

Please e-mail me with any questions you may have, or if you need a price on another HVAC part. Thanks!

Partial List of Trane/American Standard Units that use this Motor:

2A6B0042A1000AA 2A6B0042A1000AB 2A6B0060A1000AA 2A6B0060A1000AB 2A6B2036A1000AA 2A6B2042A1000AA 2A6B2060A1000AA 2A6C0042A3000AA 2A6C0042A3000AB 2A6C0060A3000AA 2A6C0060A3000AB 2A6C2036A3000AA 2A6C2036A3000AB 2A6C2042A3000AA 2A6C2042A3000AB 2A6C2060A3000AA 2A6C2060A3000AB 2A6H1042A1000AA 2A6H1042A1000AB 2A6H1060A1000AA 2A6H1060A1000AB 2A6H2036A1000AA 2A6H2036A1000AB 2A6H2042A1000AA 2A6H2042A1000AB 2A6H2060A1000AA 2A6H2060A1000AB 2A7A1060A1000AA 2A7A2042A1000AA 2A7A2048A1000AA 2A7A2060B1000AA 2A7B2048A1000AA 2A7C0072A3000AA 2A7C0072A3000BA 2A7C2042A3000AA 2A7C2048A3000AA 2A7C2048A3000AB 2TTA0072A3000AA 2TTA0072A3000CA 2TTA2042A3000AA 2TTA2048A3000AA 2TTA2048A3000AB 2TTB2048A1000AA 2TTR1060A1000AA 2TTR2042A1000AA 2TTR2048A1000AA 2TTR2060B1000AA 2TWA0042A3000AA 2TWA0042A3000AB 2TWA0042A3000BA 2TWA0042A3000CA 2TWA0060A3000AA 2TWA0060A3000AB 2TWA0060A3000BA 2TWA0060A3000CA 2TWA2036A3000AA 2TWA2036A3000AB 2TWA2042A3000AA 2TWA2042A3000AB 2TWA2060A3000AA 2TWA2060A3000AB 2TWB0036AA000AA 2TWB0036AA000BA 2TWB0042A1000AA 2TWB0042A1000AB 2TWB0060A1000AA 2TWB0060A1000AB 2TWB0536AA000AA 2TWB2036A1000AA 2TWB2042A1000AA 2TWB2060A1000AA 2TWR1042A1000AA 2TWR1042A1000AB 2TWR1060A1000AA 2TWR1060A1000AB 2TWR2036A1000AA 2TWR2036A1000AB 2TWR2042A1000AA 2TWR2042A1000AB 2TWR2060A1000AA 2TWR2060A1000AB 4A6H2030A1000AA 4A6H2030A1000AB 4A6H2036A1000AA 4A6H2036A1000AB 4A6H2048A1000AA 4A6H2048A1000AB 4A6H2060A1000AA 4A6H2060A1000AB 4A7A2030A1000AA 4A7A2030A1000AB 4A7A2036A1000AA 4A7A2036A1000AB 4A7A2042A1000AA 4A7A2042A1000AB 4A7A2060A1000AA 4A7A2060A1000AB 4TTR2030A1000AA 4TTR2030A1000AB 4TTR2036A1000AA 4TTR2036A1000AB 4TTR2042A1000AA 4TTR2042A1000AB 4TTR2060A1000AA 4TTR2060A1000AB 4TWR2030A1000AA 4TWR2030A1000AB 4TWR2036A1000AA 4TWR2036A1000AB 4TWR2048A1000AA 4TWR2048A1000AB 4TWR2060A1000AA 4TWR2060A1000AB

SKU: MOT06 312-E2
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