Kevlar V-Belt fits Air Cap Yazoo # 10713 107-13 22431-738-701 205-032 1302 | 1/2" x 32"

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This is a BRAND NEW Extra HEAVY DUTY Aramid/Kevlar V-Belt for Heavy Duty applications. The Belt is 1/2" x 32" long. It replaces Air Cap & Yazoo part #s 10713 107-13 22431-738-701 205-032 & 1302 . Kevlar belts are made with high strength Kevlar cords inside the belt and are both Heat and Oil resistant. How strong are Kevlar belts? Pound for pound Kevlar is stronger than steel. It is also the same material used in bullet proof vests! Thanks for looking and good luck!
Belts run along pulleys and are designed to transfer energy from one component to another. In a lawn mower application, the drive belt transfers energy from the engine to the drive wheels and mowing blades.
Replaces Old Part #s:
10713 107-13 22431-738-701 205-032 1302
Repair Difficulty Level:
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