OEM Carrier Bryant Furnace Pilot Orifice LP Gas Replaces LH32DB002 LH32BD002030

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This is a BRAND NEW OEM Carrier/Bryant/Payne LP/Propane Gas Pilot Orfice for a Standing Pilot Gas Furnace. The Carrier/Bryant/Payne part # is LH32DB002. It is unique in appearance and can be easily idenified to the picture. The orfice is 1/2" tall and 3/8" wide at the base. These orfices often clog with dirt and reduce the size of the pilot even after cleaning. They should be changed out every couple years. (See our store for the Nat Gas vesion which looks identical but has a difference size opening!) Thanks for looking and good luck!
An orifice / piston is a device with a small hole which allows gas or liquids to flow through at a slow rate. In furnaces, orifices are usually used for regulating pilot and main gas flow. In air conditioning units, orifices regulate the flow of freon.
Replaces Old Part #s:
LP LH32DB002 LH32BD002030
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