Honeywell Furnace Gas Valve SV9500M 2064 SV9501M 2674 SV9500M2064 SV9501M2674

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This is a BRAND NEW Honeywell 24 volt furnace Smart Gas Valve.The Honeywell Part # is SV9501M2056 (also SV9501M2528), and it is a direct replacement for the old part #s listed below. The valve has an 1/2" inlet and a 1/2" outlet. It has two wiring plugs and comes with an LP kit to convert valve if desired. Thanks for looking!
The gas valve is a low voltage control (usually 24 VAC) that allow gas into the combustion chamber. It is also an adjustable regulator that insures proper gas pressure for combustion. They have a manual shut off.
Replaces Old Part #s:
SV9500M 2064 SV9501M 2674 SV9500M2064 SV9501M2674
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