OEM Tyco Transformer 120/208/240 - 24V 4000Y05E07K03 BE911640GAA

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This is a Brand New Rheem/Weather King/Corsaire/Ruud 24 volt Transformer. It has a primary voltage of 120/208/240 volts and is rated at 40VA. It repalces the old part numbers listed below.
Transformers are devices used in electrical circuits to change the voltage of electricity flowing in the circuit. Transformers can be used either to increase the voltage (called "step up") or decrease the voltage ("step down"). Transformers found in furnaces are "step down" transformers and usually convert 120-240 volt to 24 volt.
Replaces Old Part #s:
4000Y05E07K03 BE911640GAA
Repair Difficulty Level:
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