Oil Burner Nozzle Delavan 1.10 GPH 30 Degrees Semi-Solid Cone S-S SS W AR Q USA

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This is a BRAND NEW Delevan Oil Burner Nozzle. It's rated at 1.10 GPH and sprays in a 30 spray. The nozzle is Semi-Solid Cone A (also designated by S-S SS W AR & Q). This Nozzle is made in the USA! It can replace all other major oil nozzle brands. Thanks for looking and good luck!
An oil nozzle atomizes the oil into a fine spray or mist much like a can of spray paint by forcing the fuel through the nozzle under high pressure. When the oil is atomized it becomes easily ignited and burn in specific patterns.
Replaces Old Part #s:
1.10 30
Repair Difficulty Level:
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